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Native Bezier Spline Paths / Smart Waypoints

Native Bezier Spline Paths inside C3.

I'm aware of Rex's one and Pode's but imho this should be in Construct 3 and better integrated with the events system.

Bezier Spline Paths are very useful in a number of ways. 
It can allow nice easy setup of curved movement of game objects. for instance platforms. So a platform can move in a circle smoothly along a path and once reached the end of the patch can move back.

It can be used to simulate writing, drawing, opening and closing doors etc.

I know we have pathfinding and I know we have a way to to do this so that the object moves to other objects placed as nodes, but it takes a lot of time and effort and lines of events to make them go in anything than straight lines.

Especially when one starts to work in Isometric environments this saves a lot of headaches because one can visually do a lot of movements accurately in terms of level / puzzle design.

Look at this waypoint system addon from the Unity Asset store.


Other Examples

There are a ton of useful things that can be done with this if we can use events with this.
If this can be created so that you can trigger events when it reaches certain control nodes on it.

Also brought up in this thread from 2014.

If we look at 4 of the major game engines - they all have it

Please consider to have this in a functional way implemented into C3.




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  • Apr 6 2017
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  • Apr 8, 2019

    Admin Response

    As of r144 you can now visually edit paths as position timelines in the Layout View, as well as adding Bezier curves between points.

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  • oosyrag commented
    April 06, 2017 15:59

    Bezier paths are easily created with qarp and cubic in a single event, although I'm going to guess the average user won't be comfortable with this. Could be interesting as an object. It does seem suitable to have this feature for a graphical based editor.

  • bird boy commented
    March 10, 2018 16:53

    I love the way Game Maker Studio 2 handles paths. Something similar would be fantastic. 

  • Guest commented
    May 03, 2018 15:13

    I want this on the roadmap so badly. I was going to make this suggestion myself, glad to see somebody else already did it.

  • Guest commented
    May 13, 2018 19:45

    cardinal splines too please.

  • Gil Elnekave commented
    November 18, 2018 21:17

    Yes please!

  • sizcoz commented
    31 Jan 11:22

    simplification is a necessity in attracting new and novice potential users, yes this can be done in other, much more complex ways, but quick and easy suits most people,so I can't see why this hasn't already been implemented.

  • Chris commented
    26 Mar 19:21

    Yay! This is in develoment now! Woot woot!

  • Macube commented
    02 Apr 16:32

    Please add this expression:

    getPathPositionX(0.3); // Get the current x position from 30% of the path
    getPathPositionY(0.3); // Get the current y position from 30% of the path