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SDK - a way to change an object's z-order - also a way to reimport an updated file instead of importing a new object

- iProject.GetObjectType(objectName) returning an IObjectType by that name if it already exists. This will make it possible to reimport and update the same files to the same objects when something is dropped in, as opposed to creating a new instance.

- A way to set z-index of objects. [for simplicity's sake, a coding equivalent to 'set z relative to another object' would work great]

Specifically, something that will allow the insertion of multiple objects at a time between two other objects without having to shift around indexes in an array, or manually loop through every object on top of the inserted objects and update them manually. For instance, it might be useful to be able to set the z-index to a float (like setting 20 objects between the z-indexes of 2 other objects : eg between index 1 and 2, setting multiple sprites to 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc), and then make a call that z-indexes had changed and have the objects update that way.

As a side note, I've attempted to use various combinations of splicing the instances array, _SetZIndex(z), _SortInstancesByLastCachedZIndex(), SetZIndicesChanged(), and manually setting _zIndex and I wasn't able to get anything stable and consistent going.

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  • May 29 2019
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