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New Improved: Built-In VISUAL ARRAY EDITOR (all in one array editor)

First of all, I'm aware that there is an Array Editor in Construct 3 and as a non-programmer and a VERY visual person, even with this editor, the creation and editing of Arrays in Construct 3 is unfortunately not very user friendly.

I apologize ahead for my bad English,
Please read as I share a typical user experience as it's my 2nd year using Construct 3 and LOVING IT:
Whenever I try to get into using Arrays I avoid it because of all the setup mess with the Ajax, Json, Editor  and all the process...
I'm getting confused so fast the reason that it's not IN FRONT of my eyes and I can setup numbers like it could be done.
Again, the current Arrays Editor is NOT very visual as the example I will share that is MUCH MORE EASY to See + Edit + Use!

What inspired me most is the NEW Functions that Dear Ashley just added, this is what I'm talking about.. how this makes me and many others to have things much easier and it's very user friendly.

Please understand I'm not here to complain, I'm here to help improve the future of Construct 3 and actually THERE IS AN AMAZING SOLUTION! I didn't see this in ANY other game engine before, and I must say that it's almost perfect!

Just like Ashley re-design the FUNCTIONS in Construct 3 there is no reason not to do that for something that people are using A LOT! such as ARRAYS!   for some people it's easy to understand, for visual people such as myself (animator) it is not very easy to "imagine" without an accurate visual way, edit, and SETUP.

The solution is actually here, done by a very creative person on the Scirra Shop:  Array Editor
If you'll check out the DEMO HERE you will see HOW EASY IT IS from Create > Edit > Export / Save to Json file.

For the first time I can actually SEE a visual array not just in 2D but also it's DEPTH in 3D, and setup and do everything in few clicks without scratching my head and try understanding the Array Editor in Scirra which is half-there but not very user-friendly.

Easy to SEE, CREATE, EDIT, EXPORT (some features could be improved, I'll explain)

BUT! as you already know: there are still MORE STEPS to do inside Construct 3 in order to setup the ARRAY to make the Json file work (import it), extra Ajax setup or anything else that I'm still confused when it comes to setup the array in C3 it should be EASIER and more User-Friendly with Less clicks and  READY TO USE! :)

So... Why Bother? JUST BUY IT AND USE IT:
I'm aware that anyone can BUY this, it is very affordable and that's the idea of the Scirra shop BUT!
this is just the basic visual idea and if I understood it is NOT a BUILT-IN to construct 3 or an addon / plugin, but a stand alone application, and THIS is why I suggest to improve the current way ARRAYS creation and edit works in construct 3.


1 - The Array Editor in the Shop has it's issues, missing features, Design such tool as a built-in C3 tool, should make it better!

2 - Make it Built-In C3 as a part of the software, it will replace the current one with a NEW dedicated VISUAL ARRAY EDITOR!

Replacing the current Array Editor is needed, with all the respect it's not easy to edit 3D depth and setup an Array in first place.

3 - Make it EASY TO USE FROM:  CREATE > SETUP > EDIT > EXPORT > RE-USE ANYTIME with it's dedicated Window.

4 - ADD:  ALL IN ONE SETUP, No more scratching our heads with Json, Ajax, and before even using it the setup is not user friendly at all for anyone and slowing down the creative process every time you want to use Arrays.


What if we'll COMBINE all these together to ONE BUILT-IN C3 TOOL:

1. Dedicated Array SCREEN:
 Replace the current Array Editor in c3 (or make it legacy for people who want to use it) make it a full tab or screen, a dedicated TAB like the Layout or Event Sheets will be another way to SEE and EDIT huge complex ARRAYS in bigger view.

CREATE  > EDIT  >  EXPORT > IMPORT (Json / Ajax or whatever needed to make it work in C3 Event Sheet) 

This is something I didn't see on the example Array Editor in the Scirra shop and NOT in the current built in C3 Array Editor.
How FAST it will be to edit values if we have a HUGE ARRAY and we can just Drag and Drop values like in most of the powerful tools in C3, instead of deleting, renaming, why not just drag over existing cells the same way the event sheets in c3 works using Ctrl, Copy Past, etc..


Instead of export and import manually (which should stay as an option). ADD an OPTION to CREATE the actual ARRAY with the details that just created means, Create the Json file with the require name in the editor, add a button called: "SAVE AND SETUP" (All In One Click) it will Export the Json, Setup the Array Object, Import the Json or... AJAX needs (I don't understand in these files but I do know that I'm SUPER confused every time I want to use Arrays in C3, so you know what can be done automatically as an EXTRA option, not alternative but extra which is VERY inviting for new users, and SUPER FAST!



This should be on the SAME dedicated screen, so everything including the CREATE and EXPORT should be with the EDIT all in the same window, Arrays must have it's own dedicated workspace and more people will NOT be afraid of using it as it's is a must use feature that I'm avoiding for too long after many fails, why not making it easier and inviting?

The example of the Array Editor I shared is wonderful but have some issues with clicking to change values (boxes not responding very well, sometimes closed) so I believe things like this should be a more stable built by Ashley!

Some of you may take ARRAYS Editing for granted since it is easier for you to understand and handle, but imagine younger people, or very visual artists like myself to try understand and handle the complicated setup of array with, Json, Ajax and the edit itself especially if it's 3D Array with depth, while the current C3 Array Editor support but visually... is 2D unlike the example I shared which is 3D Visually and VERY easy to approach.

PLEASE Consider this feature just like the new FUNCTIONS design is now much more user friendly!
lets make the ARRAYS a thing that people won't be afraid of (I know that I'm not alone here) also... it will be FASTER even for people who understand it and it will be the VERY FIRST VISUAL Array Editor built into a game engine! no game engine have this feature, let's be the first!

I'm already DREAMING using such VISUAL array editor with this feature included!
I hope this dream will come true so I can finally use Arrays without giving up on it every time I start setup the all thing...

Thanks ahead Scirra Team!
Dear Ashley, please surprise the community with your brilliant talent! :)

  • Alon Dan
  • Apr 18 2019
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  • Alon Dan commented
    18 Apr, 2019 09:03pm

    Thanks for the reply Ashley, I appreciate it!
    Sorry about that, I was afraid that it won't be clear enough, as it is very hard to describe + my bad English.

    I'll try to sharp the MAIN features to re-design:
    1. The current manual setup creation steps with Json / Ajax / and tun the Editor all in separate in different places all around C3 after adding the Array Object. this was...  and still very confusing process.
    If this will become: ONE CLICK and you are inside the  Array Editor all in one window including 3D VISUAL and click over to edit

    2. Drag & Drop on the Array Editor will make things much faster and easier to edit like in the C3 Event Sheet (using COPY / PAST etc..) overlapping cells with ease instead of doin it manually for big arrays.


    3. Create and Edit 2D and 3D depth Arrays of a more VISUAL GRID, like in the example on the shop.
    this is the most Important feature since it's easier to SEE what we edit. see how we can PAN around the arrays, click change value, and when POINTING OVER a cell, it will show it's information in 1 organized box which is very easy to track in realtime when you work with big Arrays.


    This is a more user-friendly of how the work flow for creating and setup array in ONE CLICK shold be:

    1. Add the Array Object (no change here)

    2. Once you created it, YOU ARE AUTOMATICALLY get to the Array Editor (the new one with the features above)

    3. WHEN YOU SAVE it will automatically do the behind the scenes that are very confusing with JSON / AJAX so you are ready to go to the Event Sheet and start the programming.

    1, 2, 3 is much easier and a HUGE difference from the current creation of ARRAYS in c3 and it's too bad it is very confusing, this is why I put so much effort trying my best to describe how a New Improved one will make big difference not just for current users, but will attract NEW non-programmers creators since there is NO such Array Editor in any game engine (for now).


    You've mention the grid is already possible, but it is not user-friendly, and it's not visual for 3D depth, not supporting drag & drop to replace cells, copy past, no realtime info box in case of huge arrays, etc..
    It's much more organized and easy to work with from setup to edit.
    Since you and many others are probably thinking as programmers you are taking Arrays (and other functions) as easy, But not for most people and this is the main reason I like Construct, most of the things are VERY visual, even I (an animator) can use it!

    I really hope that you will consider to improve or redesign the current creation of Arrays! :)
    Thank you so much for what you do Ashley, I'm a big fan!

  • Admin
    Ashley Gullen commented
    18 Apr, 2019 08:24pm

    It's difficult to understand what you mean from all this. It's a very long suggestion, but it seems the only difference is a different appearance when editing 3D arrays? For 2D arrays the example you point to looks pretty much the same (a 2D grid of values). You have other suggestions like a dedicated array screen... that's all already possible - you can undock the tab, pop out to own window, etc.

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