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Enhance the multiplayer object

3 suggestions:


Extra functionality

WebRTC has some nice features, such as audio video connections.

Would be great if it gets implemented.

Actions such as open/close own video or audio channel, open/close connected users audio or video stream.


These actions will likely add to the popularity of making apps with Construct.

Voice chats,  team speak like functions in multiplayer games
Video chats, audio impaired; sign language video apps.
Security apps such as Spying, or Baby monitoring.
Remote recording.




There appears to be WebRTC support on apple products for the audio video too, would be great if the multiplayer object could work on ios and osx as well.


Making the multiplayer object compatible will very likely make the plugin more popular and will definitely add commercial value.



On Peer side (re)created synced objects, initial values

On the host side, the synced objects can have a variety of important variables set which are not continuously synced. (traffic reduction)

When the object gets (re)created on the peer side;  it would be nice if the synced object gets all the current variable values from the host.

This will make any system where the players variables determine some state a lot easier to maintain.

 Perhaps directly after creation, retrieve variable values from host for said object.

Or, when the peer sees the synced object does not exist (anymore); request a set of data to recreate the new object from which includes the variable values.



A solution such as this is in line with the scenario where the host determines states and could aid in simplifying development.


  • Lennaert Hohé
  • Apr 5 2017
  • Declined
  • Feb 15, 2019

    Admin Response

    Please only file one suggestion at a time, otherwise they cannot be tracked separately.

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  • Emmanuel Rubio commented
    June 29, 2018 14:25

    this is too specific, actually is a plugin by it's self. i don't think this will add anything to VIDEOGAME gameplay posibilities, as you said, the only reason is to create video chat or video survilleance, and that's not a videogame engine objective in any way.-