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Timeline animation tool

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  • Apr 5 2017
  • In development
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  • Chris Crawford commented
    June 13, 2017 23:24

    I assume this is talking about a property animation system with a key-framing timeline like Godot/Flash.

  • Renato Bello commented
    September 05, 2017 11:36

    Exactly what Chris said about this suggestion.

  • Mikael Thomsen commented
    October 05, 2017 20:06

    Using 3rd party tools (e.g. Spriter) is one way. C2 support this, so I imagine C3 will too.

    Having a build-in animation tool is another way.

    Both ways have pros and cons.

    I have used Spine and Spriter and they are both good tools, but I would really like to have an easy build-in animation tool. Something where you can do stuff like this:

    1. In your layout you add a timeline object.

    2. One or more sprites can be attached to the timeline object.

    3. If a sprite is attached, you can add key-frames for the sprite on a timeline.

    4. A key frame can contain sprite properties (e.g. position or opacity of sprite)

    5. A timeline have action like: Play, Pause, Rewind, Goto(seconds) and so on.

    6. When a timeline is playing it will change the properties of all attached sprites, according to key-frames. It will calculate values between key-frames according to an easing (


    I think that would be a really cool feature!


  • Mikael Thomsen commented
    October 07, 2017 06:54

    Just something that might be useful when this is going to be implemented (as inspiration).

  • Renato Bello commented
    14 Feb 18:10

    Wow! Very nice!

  • Sahil Malhan commented
    15 Feb 11:14


  • Guest commented
    27 Sep 14:27

    Still pretty curious about this one ^^Any ETA?

  • Game Over commented
    21 Nov 17:42

    You think advanced features coming? :D
    Less feature, easy bug fix, easy learning but not for game development 👍