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To be able to change the image of a 9-patch object Merged

It would be nice to be able to change the image assigned to a 9-patch object.
Why not associate an object (sprite) that it has with animations!

For example, when creating buttons, the 9-patch object is essential
to change the size of the button, but once an image
associated with it can no longer change!

When you want to change the image of a button that has a 9-patch, you can't!
If we could associate to the 9-patch object a sprite (which can have animations), it would be enough to change the animation or the frame of the sprite to change the image of the button!

Option: to be able to change:

- The margins
- Edge
- Filling
- Origin
- Joint

  • david dieppedalle
  • Feb 20 2019
  • No status