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Manual solid pushout interaction for behaviors

Platform, 8 direction and Car. All have default solid pushout(near) and user has no way to change it. You can possible workout it, but default pushout still stays there and can easily do things by its own, when fps gets low or there fps drops. The workarounds work, but they are to shady to even consider,  when you want solid and concrete sprite behaviors.

See attached image!


1. So we would need checkbox to disable behaviors default pushout(interaction with solids) and we can code our own with events or add custom movement or some other behavior that has manual pushout. Which users can use, when they don't like default pushout(interaction with solids). 

*You can disable it when player jumps and later enable etc. But possibility still should be there.


2. Or ability to disable default pushout and give us ability to input pushout angle, like custom movement has it. We then can calculate Angle of movement of sprites and  apply our own pushout.


Atm you have to put another behavior on top of Car, platform, 8direction to change it or code your own. And then you have 2 pushout logic on top of eachother, which seems silly.


Default solid interactions are still good, but what would be better is ability to disable it when needed and code your own for some cases or apply some other behavior

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  • Jan 22 2019
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