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scene based level creation (like buildbox)

Scene based level creation is a very easy and convenient  way to create games like The Line Zen, Color Switch, Bounce... especially for beginners.

It is also the way buildbox implements levels. Very easy to use.....and combine that with the flexibility and the possibilties of  the event system of construct 2/3 and you have a winner......


Example (thx to Quasar )

How I do scene based levels, like made with buildbox games (The Line Zen, Color Switch, Bounce...)

I want to do;
Level-1 [Randomly selected 5 scenes]
Level-2 [Randomly selected 10 scenes]
Level-3 [Randomly selected 15 scenes]
Endless Game Mode [Randomly selected unlimited scenes]

Example Animation:



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  • Apr 5 2017
  • Need more detail
  • Apr 6, 2017

    Admin Response

    We're not familiar with the BuildBox feature and the description and animation are too abstract. It's not really clear what is being suggested and how it would actually work. Can you provide more detail about it?

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