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All sprites to same spritesheet, if it gets full, fill up next(for small size games)

Construct 3 b132 brought us even more complex spritesheeting engine, that is literaly made for  medium and  medium+ games. Which separates sprites over more sheets then it used to be. For smaller, more complex and effect thriven games this not good thing, as more sheets will drastically eat up performance.

In favor and used together with other cool thing we got at release b132 "custom defined spritesheet sizes": We should have ability to tick checkbox so all sprites fill up 1 spritesheet, if its gets full then another. This gives us possiblity to have least spritesheets with highest efficiency. So we got both sides covered. Atm spritesheeting got pushed into case, that there should always be  alot of spritesheets, even more then it used to be.

Atm if you like to test some simple cases with few sprites, they instantly are seperated, based on their size. Which is really awful in my opinion but this idea would fix it! You can't litteraly test some 10x10 sprite with 100x100 in same sheet ( ! like wow :(, in my opinion !)

One 4096x4096 spritesheet could host alot of sprites and enough for 1 smaller game. Atm sprites would be seperated over 20+ spritesheets, that you can't lower, depending how you build your project.

If you like to make small bullethell games or other kind, effect hevy, games with small amount of graphics, you must use all kinds of  batching optimizing to get better performance. Instead all sprite could easily be in one or two 2048x2048 spritesheet or one 4096 spritesheet.

Examples: In compare, cool small game KiwiStory could easily hosted in one 4096 and 2048 spritesheet, instead 22!

Demonoire could be hosted in 2-3 spritesheet, but its slow pace game and you don't get any benefits from it, but atm its in 47 spritesheets.


If somepoint your games grows you can always enable correct spritesheeting and take advantage of its methods. But if you like to build small sprite hevy games or just test some case for your bigger project then single sheet option should be nice. (TiledBG objects should still be seperated)

     If you add case, that other layout sprites gets seperate sheets to fill up, you could have medium+   game with highest efficiency. Taking into account that Construct is pretty good at small&medium games, then this feature would be rly good addition.


If someone has already built some complex sprite hevy game, maybe even on phone. Then can one test release 131 vs release 133 and how huge the impact is. I mean i can't be onlyone who sees need for this and any input would be nice.

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  • Jan 10 2019
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