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Z Elevation Angle

I would love to alter the angle of the z elevation so we can create a more immersive feel in top down games. Allowing buildings to appear 3d similar to older 2d games like Grand Theft Auto had back in the day. Im not Entirely sure how difficult this would be for you to implement but it would be truly amazing. Thank you for all you do! 

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  • Jan 9 2019
  • Not currently planned
  • Jan 14, 2019

    Admin Response

    Any 3D feature that involves non-flat surfaces makes it possible for objects to intersect each other on the Z axis. Correctly rendering this intersection requires a depth buffer, which we do not currently use. Depth buffers also do not support transparency, which is an essential feature for a 2D engine. This can be solved with advanced rendering approaches, but this is complex and goes quite a long way towards making Construct in to a 3D engine. Consequently due to our limited resources, and our primary goal of making Construct a great 2D game editor, we don't currently plan on adding any further 3D features. We may revisit this in the long term, but we cannot make any guarantees at this time.

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    09 Jan 15:26

    Image result for fake 3d building

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    Ashley Gullen commented
    09 Jan 16:41

    As mentioned in this idea, this is actually very complicated. What I wrote there was: rotating 3D sprites is actually a huge amount of work. As soon as 3D objects can intersect, you need a depth buffer to render it correctly. Depth buffers don't work with transparency, which is a pretty critical point for a 2D engine. There are ways to solve that, but if you do that and also allow rotating the camera too, by the time you've finished solving all the follow-on problems you've essentially created a full-blown 3D engine. That's something we consciously want to avoid right now.