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Ability to cap / lock the Frame Rate (FPS)

why would it be useful? it would be very helpful for mobile games that are made with construct. it would help with the following things such as;

- preserving more battery life on a mobile device

- longer play sessions

- take longer for phones to heat up (construct mobile games tend to make phones overheat very quickly)

- help in lowering the overall cpu usage on less powerful devices.

- since more mobile devices have even higher resolutions, it would help with letting games that don't need to update as often.

  • Salman_Shh
  • Jan 5 2019
  • Future consideration
  • Jan 6, 2019

    Admin Response

    Unfortunately this is not currently possible with the web APIs available today. Browsers would need to add new features before we could implement this.

    Star this related Chromium issue to show your support for Google to develop it:

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  • ChadoriXD commented
    05 Jan 22:36

    This feature deserves upmost attention. 
    With just this feature, we solve tons of performance problem by lessening the load of the Construct games on the devices. Especially on mobile.

    Since Construct 3 is a long term solution, with the subscription. It may bring a good deal considering this can be a case that will bring about a change to the rumored bad performance reputation of Construct.

    This might catch the eyes of the new audiences into knowing that there is a solution to the performance limitation, without going through all the unnecessary troubles.

    This might become a huge performance improvement, where we can cut-off the unnecessary FPS that is not needed. Most game engines do this too.

    The Construct users definitely need this. Especially on "Web" and "Mobile".


  • Walter Sander Derickson commented
    06 Jan 01:04

    It would be very nice to see this on Construct 3. :D
    We really need to manage our performance on Construct 3 and being able to cap the fps in our games will be a huge improvement. Mobile games dont need to run in 60fps anyway.
    Construct 3 games easily become hot and the battery doesnt last long. Performance is hard to optimize too.

  • Rory S commented
    05 Feb 18:17
  • Guest commented
    08 Mar 14:28

    I don't know why no one is mentioning it, but if you have a game running on a refresh rate like 144hz then the delta time gets totally screwed up and the game is unplayable. This would solve that issue.

  • Admin
    Ashley Gullen commented
    10 Mar 12:48

    Delta-time simply reduces at higher framerates to compensate for the increased tick rate. This is by design and should not break any correctly designed games. See the tutorial Delta-time and framerate independence.