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Undo/Redo "event sheets" jump to changed section.

Using editors like "Sublime" for example. When you undo/redo the document will jump or scroll to changed area. This helps the user see what was changed and prevent accidentally undo/redoing more than desired or be unaware of what was changed and where it was changed. This would be wonderful for large Event Sheets.

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  • Jan 4 2019
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  • Guest commented
    05 Jan 07:20

    Also helpful when you want to toggle from one change for the other when comparing events.  Take the example with a massive event sheet. You have multiple things you want to change. You can toggle changes forward and backwards as you make them. Speeds up workflow as well better for beginners. As well expected for coders. 

  • Admin
    Ashley Gullen commented
    01 Feb 18:29

    So if you're looking at a layout view but the last change was in an event sheet, should it switch you back to the event sheet tab as well? This seems like it would be jarring.

  • Guest commented
    01 Feb 23:52

    That is a very good question. When you are looking at either the Layout or a Single Event Sheet it would jump as changes are made. If you are looking at "Layout View" changes from "Event Sheets" would still have the notification just like we have now.  However in addition, the sheet that is currently not selected would blink/highlight.

    As well, I can see the benefit to make this a toggle in settings. In some cases when you are trying to track down something, it may help to auto jump from sheet to sheet because even if the sheet blinks/highlights it doesn't tell us what/where the change was made.

    One solution is to make the notifications that pop up on the bottom left corner have the following:

    1. Name of event sheet
    2. Line number of the change
    3. What was the change.
    4. When user clicks the notification you are instantly jumped to that change which would also be highlighted/selected.