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Ability to modify DOMHandlerClasses

I'm working on a project where I'm looking to override a couple classes and it would be helpful if we could somehow access / modify the DOMHandlerClasses variable (currently "l" within "RuntimeInterface").

Here's one suggestion on what could work:

  • The variable for DOMHandlerClasses no longer declared as a constant
  • Additional method added to ```RuntimeInterface```:
static FilterDOMHandlerClasses(a) {
l = l.filter(a)



I'm looking to add some custom logging / metrics to some of the multiplayer libraries.  These changes wouldn't have any benefit for the public, so it doesn't make sense to try to integrate them upstream.  Instead of having to maintain a patch to main.js, it would be helpful if a developer can filter out DOMHandlerClasses (therefore, preventing them from being instantiated), and then manually add them in a modified version after the fact.

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  • Dec 20 2018
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  • Jan 4, 2019

    Admin Response

    Adding complex and deep hooks to the runtime creates a backwards-compatibility obligation that reduces our ability to make arbitrary changes to our own code without breaking things. For this reason we'd prefer to limit the available APIs to avoid third-party code integrating deeply with official code, except in the places defined by the SDK documentation.

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