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Group family variables in the properties view the same way as behavior variables

I tend to use families like behaviors - "Health" family, "Faction" family, "Ship" family, etc., so my objects often wind up being members of lots of different families, which makes the variables in the properties panel hard to parse. Having the names of the families in brackets next to the variable names makes the variable's origin clear, but it adds to the visual clutter and makes it harder to scan the list.

On the other hand, the way behavior properties are displayed is nice and easy to read - each behavior gets its own heading with a list of properties beneath it. Family variables would be much easier to read if they were presented the same way, with each family getting its own heading and a collapsible list of variables, rather than a long, uninterrupted list of variable names and bracketed family names.

  • Chris Crawford
  • Dec 16 2018
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  • Chris Crawford commented
    December 16, 2018 22:12

    Btw, I poked around in the CSS trying to see if this is something that could be accomplished with a custom theme, but either it can't be, or I don't know anywhere near enough about CSS to pull it off.