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Petition!!! optional colors in event list, for visual simplicity!!! :D Merged

Hi, I would like to request that a color function be implemented for the list of events, for which we have vision problems or difficult to read a long list of events.

this function would automatically put colors in the events and actions.

helping to quickly locate the part of the code we are looking for when we have many events.

this would also serve for education, other programs work like this. An example ; scrath:

this function is optional, so that we activate it those who have visual problems or for teaching

I do not request to change or select the colors, what I ask is a default configuration inside construct 3 that automatically gives the events the predetermined colors.

This would also be very useful when you read a .capx file from another person and try to decipher it.

I hope this request is liked and carried out.


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  • Dec 10 2018
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