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Add a way to destroy objects/sprites by using operators without using conditions

I have thousands of objects in my project and using conditions with the "destroy" action is really slow compared to using operators to determine if it should be destroyed or not

  • Eleanor Jacques-Morel
  • Dec 9 2018
  • Too vague
  • Dec 11, 2018

    Admin Response

    It's not clear why this is important or how the suggested feature would actually work.

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  • SnipG commented
    December 11, 2018 13:09

    I have thought about similar concept before, to manage object  logic with less condition picking. But all seems to need huge changes to work. Some of thous ideas already exist in this suggestion platform too.


    1. Able to addres all object that were not picked. - If this does not make object picking slower in general, it gives us 1 less system pick condition. Depending if internally it really matters.


    2. Object has own evaliation condition/action, in condition level it is covered by system pick by evaliation. But  if it could be used in action and somehow pick object or assign values. It could boost peformance.

    Also something like sprite ->  action ->  sprite.X = 0 ? sprite.var ==1 ! sprite.var==0

    Or Sprite.X<120? sprite.Angle==50 ! sprite.angle == 120

    So you could litteraly assain values inside expression with "==" or even destroy them there.


    3. Most action that has no expression column, like sprite.destroy  should have 1 added to them for used with javascript ternary operator. value=value ? 0 ! 1    depending 0 or 1 sprite gets destroyed or not. But this  adds peformance impact to destroy. But if it could be added in somehow, that if ternary operator before destroy is not used, then there is no peformance effect on destroy action and if there is, it destroys it depending 0/1.

    This still adds some peformance impact on engine, as it have to compare somewhere inside engine, when values are used or not. But only few action benefit from it.