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Headless export (without web front end) / runtime in node.js

Love to have a headless export, for example, within a node.js box. 
For example, one that can be configured as a server service, restarts itself upon failure and only responds to incoming websocket messages, or other kind of messaging as provided by plugins. 
I would love having such an environment as well. 
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  • Dec 5 2018
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  • Eleanor Jacques-Morel commented
    09 Dec 02:30

    What's the point of this if it doesn't work with the multiplayer plugin ?

  • Macube commented
    10 Dec 11:19

    @Eleanor, this is very useful for custom dedicated (linux) servers. Node.js is very fast and has some useful features for networking. The Multiplayer-Plugin is great for peer to peer games with some players, but for massive multiplayer with hunderts or thousands you need a custom server.

    By the way: Unity has a headless export too:
    The command -batchmode)