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Animated Tiled sprite

If we are making a top down game sometimes our envoirment needs some animation and it spawns across the screen, for example if we're making a boat game - > we want animated sprites that look like wavy ocean, a animated tiled sprite would be usefull. As much as i know it's easily doable with quads. There was also a plugin that did that already but was abandoned. 

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  • Apr 5 2017
  • Need more detail
  • Apr 18, 2017

    Admin Response

    While we appreciate the popularity of this idea, we already have a mechanism to run animations in the Sprite object. We'd prefer to avoid creating a second parallel animation system for use in the Tilmap plugin. Therefore we think it would be best to focus on using Sprites as animated tiles. Perhaps new features could be added to simplify this integration, but we think this idea needs more thought to work out the best way to do this without duplicating existing features.

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  • Guest commented
    April 18, 2017 16:22

    yes, there is a few problems with tiling:

    For example let's take a 256x256 sprite of water that needs to cover 1366*768 pixel size window. 

    technically we have to cover 6x3 (18) times areas of 256x256 - > therefore we have to align 18 copies of the same sprite PERFECTLY each other next to each other to skip seams and such effects.  also this takes quite a lot of time, because while we can animate stuff with sprite, you could maybe add a PROPERTY to sprite saying "tiled" and when resized it would tile across the area (for example i'd just drag from 0,0 to 1366,768 a sprite and it would tile with it's default size (256x256).  

  • Daven Bigelow commented
    April 18, 2017 16:28

    Why not just make it 100% compatible with Tiled TMX files?

    That would bring:
    -Animated tiles

    Animated tiles were added 7 versions ago:

    They have a full spec documentation here:

    That'd make it a lot more useful for all!

  • Karim Khan commented
    October 24, 2018 08:12

    I agree that it would be useful to have animated tiles for backgrounds, where the frames of the animation can be chosen from amongst other tiles in the set. Precision placing Sprite objects would be quite tedious if you have a vast forest of swaying trees, plus the presumed computational expense of drawing so many Sprites. Alternatively, making it easier to place Sprites as tiles could be a solution, too.

    One possible workaround that comes to mind would be creating a second, transparent background layer on top of the main background layer. On it place a tile map containing tiles with "Frame #2" of any animated tiles, and draw over all the tiles to be animated. Repeat for frame 3, etc. Set additional layers to be initially invisible. Then on the Event Sheet, check the elapsed time on every tick and when appropriate, set the frame #2 layer to visible (System action "Set layer visible"), then later frame #3 layer, and eventually set all additional background layers back to invisible except the main background layer. Three frames of animation played at quite a slow rate would be enough to infuse some life into the background for many types of games.

  • Unconnected commented
    26 Jan 13:23

    Please add layers so I don't have to have three aligned tilemaps.
    A flower would be on the bottom tilemap because you can walk over it.
    The foliage of a tree would be on the top tilemap because you walk under it
    Then I have to add another tilemap for collision.

    It would seem easier to just give some tiles in a tilemap an extra layer or two.
    It would reduce tilemap image size and possibly reduce strain on resources.
    Could just have a single bench image instead of a bench on grass image and a bench on cement image.