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Motion Path Movement (behaviour)

Construct need a motion path movement like this:





It would also be very useful if the behaviour has a expression to get the current x and y position from path with percent like this:

getPathPositionX(0.3); // Get the current x position from 30% of the path
getPathPositionY(0.3); // Get the current y position from 30% of the path


How GM studio does it:

"This function can be used to get or to set the position of an instance along a path. The value is normalised from 0 - 1, so if you set it to, for example, 0.5, the instance will be moved to exactly the middle of the path."

GM Studio get X/Y Position - Path solution



Interesting source: GM Studio 2 - Path

  • Macube
  • Nov 5 2018
  • No status