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Limit Object List in Debugger

Once a project grows to the size of a few hundred objects, the debugger list of objects grows with each type added.  It would be nice to either filter down that list with maybe a partial typing filter at the top or be able to hide the groups that don't have any instanced objects in them.

Filter example: a text box at the top of the inspector object list where you can type and the object list filters down with each keystroke and partial matches.

Groups example: a layout starts and there are no Enemies on the screen.  So the debugger Inspector doesn't show the Empty Enemies list.  Once and Enemy spawns, the Inspector list updates and shows the Enemies list.  At this point, it might be frustrating if the Enemies group keeps showing up then disappearing fast in the case of 1 enemy to 0 enemy loops(or bullets).   It could just then show the Enemies group from the point it first spawns.  i.e. Show after the FIRST enemy spawns and stays for the rest of the debugging session.

Even global objects would benefit from this due to when the FIRST time they show up in a layout.  If that first time hasn't happened yet, we wouldn't see it in the debugger.


edit: This is similar to the C3-I-560 idea.

  • Scott
  • Nov 3 2018
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