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Prefabs/Templates (object built out of objects)


Transform/Transforms = the position, rotation and scale of the object.

Instance = an object in layout

Prefab = Template object


What are Prefabs/Templates? -

prefab acts as a template from which you can create new object instances in the scene. Any edits made to a prefab asset are immediately reflected in all instances produced from it but you can also override components (behaviours variables) and settings(transforms/FX/instance variables) for each instance individually.

it should be work in tandem with having a scene graph structure (parent-child objects) 

Don't Containers and Families do a similar job? -

short answer -> NO and YES (to both in their aspects).

it can have 

bullet point answer -> for the following reasons;

  • Can't save multiple instances of the same objects as separate containers/objects like you would be able to with  for e.g multiple instances of tilemaps for level chunks.
  • can't make a container with families that contains multiple types of objects e,g particles + sprite = NOPE 
  • containers don't act as a single object that can have behaviours
  • can't have multiple of the same objects e.g  glass shards in a window glass object
  • currently no way to have the object transforms to be offset by a container object unless by using the pin behaviour or setting up a solution via eventsheets.
  • No ability to change the object transforms in a container without changing them individually
  • no ability to get expressions from objects in a container (like Container.sprite.Angle).
  • no ability to set if objects are set to offset against a prefab 


What difference would it make? -

  • this would make create more interactive objects in a game maps.
  • ability to reuse for Procedural Generated games (Tile maps, Enemy objects, bushes)
  • composites of objects in a prefab (Treasure Chest surrounded by rock objects - as a single prefab object)
  • Bullet prefab that contains bullets that are set in different angles, giving the ability to do quirky stuff with bullets.

- Possible Stretch goals -

  • possibly make families out of prefabs too. 
  • possibly make prefabs from event sheets?
  • potentially have the ability to have nested prefabs too unlike unity (Prefabs within a Prefab)
  • Salman_Shh
  • Apr 5 2017
  • No status
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  • Wacky Toaster commented
    May 14, 2017 01:44

    Big yes pls!

  • Chris Crawford commented
    April 17, 2018 17:45

    Can/should this be merged with the scene graph suggestion? Seems as though they're the same basic request and merging their votes would give a better indication of the value the community puts on this feature.