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Is On-Screen +/- distance

"Is On-Screen" condition has very good peformance. But what would be very good is, if we have ability to modifie its value. Like Is On-Screen +200. So we can enable object/enemies etc before Screen reaches to them.

This should only be added only if it does not affect "Is On-Screen" already very good peformance.



Is On-Screen can be redone with events, with lesser peformance. But in bigger game this condition becomes useless because you want to narrow check to every 0.1-0.5sec. But then you can have cases when bullet will go throught objects without colliding, when they appear on-screen.

In smaller games you can redo this check with events because it has almost no peformance impact with few objects and C3 already has pretty good event peformance.


So it makes sense to add this core check to medium/big projects, where it makes difference.

  • SnipG
  • Oct 4 2018
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  • SnipG commented
    8 Nov, 2018 02:38pm

    I am using now: dummy sprite, boolean and is overlapping. If i run condition every tick i get worse peformance then is-onscreen. But when i narrow check 0.06 i get same peformance as is-onscreen and if you make it every ~0.4 you all set. Is-onscreen condition atm is pretty useless, without some extra parameter.

  • Claudiu Vulturar commented
    5 Nov, 2018 08:12pm

    I need this, too. An on-screen condition parameter called "Offset".

    I now use Line of Sight for what I need in my project but it doesn't help me when I scale in/out the layout, so the best solution I think off, should be a parameter for on-screen condition.

  • Macube commented
    10 Oct, 2018 07:21am

    This is a very good idea. I need this too. 

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