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Analytics for C3 in-built service

I like C3 Xcode project export for iOS and being able to directly compile my APK file with C3 because that makes thing so much easier.

I feel that Analytics is as important as Ads and IAP (basic feature) as any serious developers would want to have any sort of data tracking in their app.

I read around and I found out that Scirra needs to whitelist a 3rd party addons / plugin before it will work with the in-built services.

If not, Scirra should consider officially supporting at least one of the Analytics out there (just like with Mobile Advert and IAP).

  • asdzxc
  • Jul 14 2018
  • Already exists
  • Sep 14, 2018

    Admin Response

    We won't be creating our own analytics service, since many good ones already exist. There are also already some addons that can integrate them - take a look at the addon exchange.

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