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Instant games Choose Async, update Async and getentrypointdata implementation


Those functions are needed in order to send share inside messenger(not as a wall post) and/or create a turn based game.(based on entry point data).


  • Mihai Morosanu
  • May 15 2018
  • Need more detail
  • May 19, 2018

    Admin Response

    'Share leaderboard update' uses updateAsync, and entry point data is already supported. Is it just chooseAsync that you want then? If not which features are you asking for exactly?

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  • fredd commented
    17 May 19:03

    chooseAsync! must update context.ID and context.TYPE
    would be awesome

  • Mihai Morosanu commented
    19 May 09:13

    I am looking to send custom invite via messenger. This can be done by chooseasync (this changes the game to be sort of 1-1 turn based). after this command, if you do postupdate, the update is like a message in messenger that can be customized. Thanks

  • Renato Duchini commented
    06 Jun 14:26

    Please implement it

  • fred sthlm commented
    13 Jun 18:23

    What is needed:


    chooseAsync() - Does not exist at all in the plugin atm.

    updateAsync() - This can be two default types.
    1.Leaderboard (exist now and works perfect!)
    2. Custom - does not exist at all in plugin.


    matchPlayerAsync() - does notexist. used to find random player to play against!


  • Erik Malm commented
    29 Sep 07:44




  • Renato Duchini commented
    12 Nov 21:21

    Please Ashley, take a look at it. It has 31 votes already.

    All details was give in the comments.

    For chooseAsync, aside from invite dialogue (I already use it using browser exec javascript), we need the event that triggers when the context changes successfully