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Programmer mode Merged

Why is it useful?

  • It would add another way to make games in construct and therefore reach a higher demographic.
  • It would be easier to convince schools to adopt construct as a teaching tool if I said the students would learn how to code. They usually prefer stencyl or unity over construct for teenagers and construct for little kids.
  • Coding is more powerful and faster. Construct's simplicity becomes a hurdle for games with fairly complex logic. Changing lines of code is easier and faster than double clicking to change conditions, actions, events, etc. Ever used blockly? It's more or less the same thing when the kid realizes that coding by dragging blocks is much slower and painful than simply typing code.

How would it work?

  • Right click an object under Object types and click "code...". There you could do event programming like "On created(){do smth;}"
  • There could be a 1 to 1 association with the event sheets. So if you code something, the event sheet could generate the equivalent events for the code, and if you used the event sheet and clicked on "code..." it would show the code for that event sheet.
  • The editor would need to have an autocomplete feature. This is essential, without it it'd be like coding on a text editor and having to google for commands takes away the efficiency. Not asking for a full blown IDE but just autocomplete would be enough. Pressing ctrl+space outside a function for example should show the available event functions such as "On created"
  • We should be able to make helper functions to call in the event functions, like in Unity. For instance, a code like this "Oncreated() {helperFunc();} helperFunc(){doSmth}" should work. I'm not talking about using the "Function" object here, but simply having user defined functions in a script.
  • Support for latest ECMAScript would be great. It should support the use of classes, etc.
  • Guest
  • May 3 2018
  • Shipped
  • Mateus Sales commented
    May 14, 2018 13:23

    I would love to see a programming language made with the Construct syntax, it would make development way faster. +1

  • Guest commented
    May 21, 2018 18:46

    Hey Scirra what you guys think about it? This feature alone would make me jump from C2 to C3.