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Official Support For Manual GC Calls In NW.js

This request is mainly about some changes that could further improve the general user experience with NWjs. The majority of advanced users require desktop games to do things on demand and not based on "automated" systems. I would like to request an update to the NW.js plugin and package.json files (manifest), which would make it possible to force the built-in Garbage Collector to unload unused audio or similar objects instantly on user demand.

I'm sure that the automated garbage collector is considered to be "perfect" by the most web developers but coming from a native-tech background, my opinion still and will always stand: it's flawed and will always be flawed regardless of how many updates and tweaks it gets.

Putting any personal bias aside, this request doesn't take GC away and would just add an option to trigger it on demand. This could be tremendously useful for larger games with for example: selfmade loading screens and would prevent any GC related "jank", that may occur on an active layout caused by automatic garbage collection.

Requirements for Construct 2 implementation (optional):

  • Forced replacement update of manifest files*
  • Always exposed GC by adding simple js-flag (Screenshot)
  • NW.js Plugin new action "Push Garbage Collector" which executes js: "global.gc();"

*I would suggest publishing a beta update announcing the upcoming changes so that users with customized manifest files can do a backup.

Requirements for Construct 3 implementation:

  • Always exposed GC by adding simple js-flag (Screenshot)
  • NW.js Plugin new action "Push Garbage Collector" which executes js: "global.gc();"
  • TheRealDannyyy
  • Feb 22 2018
  • Filed as bug
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  • TheRealDannyyy commented
    June 01, 2018 15:01

    Almost 4 months with no action from Chromium's side of things, as expected. I still stand with my opinion that this should be implemented.