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Tiled background: scale/rotate/offset texture

Action to offset X and Y of texture, this would let the texture slide around inside the box.

This means you could have animated moving textures, for instance if you want to achieve a cloudy test tube object you could have a cloud image in a tiledbackground just drifting at an offset to make it look cool.

Or a rain texture that moves at an offset  so it looks like it's falling, whereas all it's doing is cycling around with a Y offset.

  • alastair jack
  • Feb 15 2018
  • Shipped
  • Oct 8, 2018

    Admin Response

    The ability to offset, scale and rotate the Tiled Background image shipped in C3 r121.

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  • Matt Gruber commented
    15 Feb 04:18

    Yes! There are much more uses for this than just backgrounds, too. It was a feature I used a lot in CC, missed a lot in C2, and am sad to see is still not in C3. Please consider adding it!

  • Pierre Tremblay-Thériault commented
    05 Mar 03:31

    I agree, I took the time to dig into C3 SDK to see how I could extend the Tiled Background plugin and add this exact feature. I did not succeed and concluded that it was not a good idea to copy the C2 version of this plugin then add this feature manualy. Since cloning official addons is probably not a good idea, I think Scirra should add this option. There is a lot of use case for this.

  • Tacker Tacker commented
    05 Mar 14:58

    A scaling offset would be usefull too.