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Host migration function for better multuplayer, please

Imagine that five gamer connect to the signalling server and when peer to peer connect is maked betwen of gamers and after short time the host is leave from game because host is irritated or another else. Example the host staying very bad from a fighting game and this for leaving from game. This will be  irritated everybody and unfair too. This is the good reason host migration function why should be have.

I are not a good in programming but me have a ideo how it works.

When peer to peer connection was created and little after or sometime the host leave then next should be happenning:

1: Everybody connect back to the signalling server automatically when host migration checkbox option of multiplayer object is setted for true but during the game with the timescale should be  paused.

2. Every client program i think need to store a unique identifier and another info what should be needed that for signalling server who are the clients between them should need to be selecting a clint for the new host. When new client picked for new hos and the game is reinitialized that game continuing next.

Please scirra team adding host migration function on signalling server and multiplayer object fo much better multi games.

  • Michal Fehér
  • Feb 9 2018
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  • Michal Fehér commented
    February 09, 2018 14:19

    Sory for my mooh english :(