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Add "Image Point" to Pin Behavior

The standard Pin behavior is too general. Allow us to specify image points to change position easily between objects on a layout. There are many uses for this as there are may forks of the official behavior that include this option. please!

  • KENYONB .com
  • Feb 8 2018
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  • Mar 30, 2020

    Admin response

    In r193 there is a new action to pin to an object's image point.

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  • KENYONB .com commented
    24 Mar 11:25pm

    Thanks for looking into it. I've also found that Rex's plugin behaved more consistently with pin position than using two actions. Using two actions, sometimes the object won't snap to the correct position. My example is using the pin position for a boomerang type object. when it comes back, sometimes it doesnt snap back into the correct image point. Maybe implementing it all into one action might correct this?

  • Admin
    Ashley Gullen commented
    24 Mar 07:24pm

    Actually, answering my own question having experimented a bit: the key difference is if the object size changes over time, pin to position ignores the distance change, but pinning by image point will move accordingly. That's a good reason to do it, so I'll take a look.

  • Admin
    Ashley Gullen commented
    24 Mar 05:29pm

    I don't see any justification for why this is important. You can do it in two actions as you've noted. Why does there need to be a new action to do what two existing actions can do? I'd rather not add features if they are already trivial to do.

  • Geoff Burrows commented
    10 Jul, 2019 12:10pm

    Throwing a few votes at this - it would be incredibly handy for games with complex animations or moving parts. While it's not too much effort to do image point pinning manually (every tick), having this functionality all in one plugin would be very useful.

  • shinkan commented
    21 Feb, 2018 11:25pm

    It also would be nice to have an option to set "Pinned Offset"  and " Pinned Absolute/Relative Position"

    The second one is for object that are pinned but move by themselves as well. You could have a sprite with Pin and Sine behavior, that could move up and down by self position and also could be pinned to other object and move with it. 

  • KENYONB .com commented
    10 Feb, 2018 06:40pm

    For instance, it could accomplish the goal in one event instead of two. Here's an example using Rex's Pin behavior vs using the native behaviors.

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