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UsesFeature for Android Manifests

If I use the touch event in a project, it will get an implicit <uses-feature   android:name="touch" android:required="yes"> tag in all Android App Stores, even if am checking whether the user uses touch, mouse or keyboard/tvRemote.

The only way to get the app listed for people without touch support (i.e. smartTV) is adding an explicit <uses-feature   android:name="touch" android:required="no"> tag in the AndroidManifest.

Please add a field in project properties in order to user check whether touch is the only supported input or there are alternative inputs, and add the explicit usesFeature to the android exported project.

(I don't know how these things work for Windows10 and iOS stores).

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  • Feb 4 2018
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  • Magdalena Banasiak commented
    July 17, 2018 13:22

    The option to add to AndroidManifest is very much needed. I have a problem with Android TV support.