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A perpetual software license

For many hobbyist programmers like myself the annual renewal license model is too costly as I might only use it once or twice a year. There has always been a perpetual license option and I am disappointed that the only options are annually renewable.

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  • Dec 9 2017
  • Not currently planned
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  • Wacky Toaster commented
    December 18, 2017 14:16

    I just cannot state this enough and I love doing so...

    1. It is not costly, it´s comparatively cheap. Even when you use it only twice a year. If 7.50€ per month sounds in any way expensive to you, you should maybe ask your mom to raise your pocket money. Almost any hobby will easily cost 3 times as much.
    2. If you literally program once, maybe twice a year, are you sure you want to consider this your hobby? If I go play paintball once a year, am I a hobbyist paintball player?
    3. Again, if you actually use it maybe twice a year, stick with Construct 2. It will serve you more than enough these two times per year, you can probably use it for 5 years at that pace and you barely scratched the surface of it´s capabilities.
    4. Scirra won´t change it, because there is simply nothing wrong with it. Maybe on the long run they will offer something, but I doubt it.