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Reset local static variables

C2 currently does not offer any way to reset all local static variables in one event.


That leads to a nuisance as follows: If one wants the player to be able to restart a layout, let's say a level in a jump'n run game, one can reset all global variables and restart the layout, which resets all groups to their initial state, but that leaves all local static variables untouched, meaning that the player won't be able to replay the very same level.


One can surely work around this by adding an event in each group that resets the local static variable right before that group is being deactivated or before the layout restarts, but again, that is tidious amount of code for a very basic function.

C3 should contain an action 'Reset all local static variables' or at least an action 'Restart layout from exact initial state'.

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  • Oct 25 2017
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