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Z Order and Align to be on independent Bar

Just like in Photoshop or Illustrator.  It's so much easier and faster to have it floating around or even docked to some other Bars. 
Currently you have to:
- select an object
- press right mouse button
- choose Align
- choose Viewport or Layout
- choose align option

but you could only
- select an object
- choose align option on already visible Align Bar

There is already Z Order Bar so it's fine,  but it could be improved especially if you have a lot of objects and you need to scroll them all
Just right click on the object on Z Order bar to show some options
- flash this instance
- show active layer only
- move to Top of layer
- move to Bottom of layer
- move one up
- move one down

  • shinkan
  • Sep 20 2017
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