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Request for Adding Action on SpriteFont (if Possible)

this is a request mail for adding action on Spritefont about changing Character width & Height from EventSheet (not talking about scale)

I know Spritefont is for custom fonts style but we can manipulate this feature on many other ways like i have done on my tutorial

How to make Photo Slider Puzzle Game in 2 events

If you see this video you will found that i have used SpriteFont for Photo Slices 

and now I want to extend this, I want to give option like
Click on 6x6 button Grid will become 6x6
Click on 8x8 button Grid will become 8x8
Click on 10x10 button Grid will become 10x10
when Grid will 6x6 then i need to change Character height & width to cover the width & height of photo for example
on Grid 6x6
Six slices will cover image width and same with height
and in case of 8x8
Eight slices will cover image width and same with height

now you can understand what i am talking about
people can do lots of experiments with this new actions

  • Lucky Rawat
  • Jun 12 2017
  • Too vague
  • Feb 14, 2018

    Admin Response

    It's not clear why you want this on SpriteFont. It's not the right plugin for making sliding puzzle games; it's designed for displaying text.

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