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Bullet initial angle of movement in the properties bar

I suggest a small tweak:

Being able to set the bullet behavior's initial angle of movement in the properties bar.

Unless I'm missing something, currently it's hard coded to 0 degrees. So when you just want something to go across the screen from any direction other than left to right using bullet, you need to set the angle of motion via the event sheet.


Implementing that would make the above slightly more convenient and would make the event sheet slightly less cluttered. 

  • Darek M
  • Jun 9 2017
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  • tarek2 commented
    June 10, 2017 03:11

    Click the Object that has the  Bullet Behavior and at the left side panel on the properties panel look where it says Angle change that to your desire Angle and once you run the game it will always start moving to that  Angle, I think that is what you looking for