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Merged idea

This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit C3-I-21 Add Git integration in the Desktop build.

Export to Git Merged

Highlevel Description:

Link Construct 3 to SVN systems.


Github, Gitlab, BitBucket, and other SVN systems allow external systems to link to them via webhooks and other methods for pushing data directly.

By allowing an Export to SVN, rather than exporting to a .zip file for Web exports, the files would be exported directly to Git.

The feature can include exporting other formats as well, or even a Save function as settings up the link with an SVN would allow for a push feature from Save, Edit, or Export.


With Construct 3 working as a Browser application, now Chromebooks, Tablets and smartphones are available as options for development. By providing a method to export directly from Construct 3 to SVN, it would introduce a complete workflow from creation of an application to publishing the application from a single platform (Tablet, Chromebook, etc)

When exporting to HTML5 via Git features in cloud platforms such as Azure Web Apps would consume these updates from Git or even directly from Construct 3 and minimize the time to Publish for developers with rapid deployment models.


Current Workflow

1. Develop Game in Construct 3
2. Export to HTML5
3. Extract Files to local Git repo
4. Commit changes to Git repo and push
5. Enjoy game

Possible Workflow

  1. 1. Develope Game in Construct 3
  2. 2. Export to SVN
  3. 3 Enjoy Game

For any questions on setting up an Azure Web App you can see the link below.

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  • Jun 6 2017