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Make it easier to find events (search for each word not the exact string)

The "find" feature only searches your events for an exact string, this is better than nothing but tends to give you a TON of very similar results that you don't want to be seeing.

Attached image shows that "Player set invisible" gave 0 results, even though I have an event that sets the Player sprite to go invisible.

The only way I can find that event currently is to search for "set visibility to invisible", this exact string replicla is tedious. It also provides 100 results for other objects that have been set invisible, making it very difficult to navigate to the relevant object's result (I was looking for the "Player" but you can't search for objects + events).

It would be fantastic if the search instead checked each word in the user's query for events that contained each word instead! And if the event contains all of the words (either in the object name, condition, or action) then it can be chosen as a result.

Many times it's actually more time effecient for me to manually search my project than go through the abundance of results in "Find".

This would make search a lot more helpful and easier to use.

Thank you very much! 💖

  • alastair jack
  • Apr 28 2021
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  • Guest commented
    10 May 01:33pm

    100% agree. Either this or there should be a clarification added to how the find window works as it sort of implies that it works in a way jack is suggesting it should.

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