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Add export for Tauri apps

Tauri is a cool alternative to Electron and NW.js and it uses the OS Webview to make web based apps and package them in very very small file sizes

It's basically exactly what Ashley proposed to the NW.js team here:

But it's built and maintained by a different team of very talented developers.

Since Ashley proved to be interested in such an alternative, and that one already exists and is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux (and is getting updated to support more and more native APIs via special Tauri calls) it might be a very good experimental export option for C3.

  • skymen
  • Feb 12 2021
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  • Mar 30, 2021

    Admin response

    Integrating large third-party frameworks such as NW.js, and probably also Tauri, involves a lot of work, and adds a lot of complexity, which inevitably results in bugs, and additional maintenance problems having to report bugs via an additional third party. In r237 we added our own lightweight Windows wrapper, and in r242 we added our own macOS wrapper, based directly on the system webviews. These are very lightweight with a tiny file size overhead (~300kb or so compressed), which is even less than Tauri. Given the amount of work involved to integrate new export options, and the fact we already have our own lightweight desktop export options as well as a more heavyweight and feature-rich NW.js export, there seems to be little to gain from integrating yet another desktop export option, and a great deal of opportunity cost as this would use up a lot of our limited resources.

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  • Mikal Dev commented
    13 Feb 07:01pm

    I have tried Tauri and C3 exports with OSX and Windows 10 and so far it's working to create an app with the demo C3 project Glokar. Installer size ~ 5MB.

    One caveat for windows is that you have to make sure webview2 is installed, but there is an evergreen webview2 installer/link available that could be included in the original program install. Supports Win 10 - Win 7.

    On windows the framework also creates an installer. On OSX, Tauri also attempts to create a dmg, but that failed for me on Catalina, but the OSX app itself worked fine.

    From the C3 side, all I had to do was export to HTLM5 and include it in the dist directory for the Tauri build.

    My dream for C3 support would be to make it like the C3 APK/Cordova builder, have C3 supported servers for Windows/Mac/Linux builds which return install pkgs after export.

    Signing support would be big bonus points :)

    Here is an example of the Glokar Windows MSI build, if it does not work, try using the above webview2 installer.

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