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Better Animation Editor - Bezier Curves - Texts - Rotation - Scaling - Move - Etc..

Hello , First of all construct 3 is amazing and I love it !

As you all know with the actual Animation Editor , we cant create any assets , only very simple squares and circles , so I would like to know when will be possible we create our own assets inside of construct 3 ?

I'm using other programs to make graphics to my games , but would be very useful to have built in image editor

To explain my own difficulties I found :

Please consider adding Bezier Curves

rotations ( not only in 90ยบ) and scaling

move the select image

scale and move the images


easy gradients

Advanced outlines

Select and move images

Create texts inside it and much more

An Example bellow you can found in Scratch

  • Rafael trigo
  • Nov 24 2020
  • Declined
  • May 5, 2021

    Admin response

    This suggestion covers a wide range of major upgrades to the Animations Editor. We do not intend to make an image editor that replicates all the features of specialist image editing software. It would be better to integrate the way Construct works with external tools so you can easily use those instead, so we don't have to spend our limited development time re-implementing features that many tools, even including free tools, already have comprehensive support for. Even if you wanted us to implement all these features, there are far too many posted in one suggestion for it to be feasible for us to consider altogether. You could post these as individual suggestions, which might help establish if a single smaller feature is particularly popular.

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  • Rafael trigo commented
    25 Nov, 2020 02:46am

    @ADMIN , I understand that , but in practice for me and for a lot of construct users , when you need to make some changes in an image even a small change is much better and fast to make it inside of construct , I didn't ask for a Photoshop Inside construct , I know this will be absurd to ask such a thing , you didn't get the idea ,what WE ask are small tools to make simple changes even scratch has that !

  • Admin
    Ashley Gullen commented
    24 Nov, 2020 04:16pm

    We're a small team with limited resources, and there's already a wide range of specialist image editing software out there, e.g. PhotoShop. We'd prefer not to reinvent the wheel and instead make it easier to use other image editing software with Construct. This would allow us to focus on what's unique about Construct, such as the event system, plugins and behaviors.

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