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Skip Next Action on Evaluation

As you proceed developing your game adding more and more features, don't you come across situations where certain actions need a 'condition' to be applicable? and you're already done with a whole list of actions, and it's no longer easy to add a condition in between for just one action.

Yes, it is possible in some cases by writing within the field:

[Action] timer set value: enemies > 0? timer - 1 : timer

(condition? if : else) which is VERY useful.

But can we do the same for Actions like "call Function" or "play Audio", etc?

Here's what I think will help:

Another example which would otherwise require 4 sub-sub-sub-sub-events to make it happen: That would be very inefficient, not easy to implement, and would look rather messy and redundant because a simple [Skip Condition] can let everything follow in a single event or sub-event.

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  • Nov 21 2020
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  • Nov 23, 2020

    Admin response

    This is already possible with sub-events. Further, the design of the event system keeps conditions and actions intentionally separate. This feature would combine them in to one with conditional actions, which contradicts the intended design of the event system.

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