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Data Binding properties of an object to a variable


So the idea behind Construct is to code less and do more, so i think that a data binding feature would be great.

Imagine that you have a menu screen with some updates for your character, and you click to upgrade. Every time that someone upgrades you need to change the text value of the price for example and the status that you upgraded. Now imagine that you need to do that 20 times for each textbox.

Of course you can do it with just one function and every time someone upgrades calls that function. And you can use families of textboxes so that you do it only ounce and all the 20 textboxes change but you need always a identifier to find which textbox do you want to update.

But if you had a databinding that wouldn't be necessary. Imagine that you have a textbox and a variable , you go to the textbox add a new behavior or something, where it allows you to pick from some properties of that object and bind it to the variable . This way every time that you change that variable it will update that property on that object.

Of course you need to this for the 20 textboxes, but you don't need to do it anywhere else. This way every time for example the character receives a upgrade or a buff /de buff or equips another weapon that changes that variable it will always update the textbox.

Thsi way you keep your code cleaner and robust because you know if that variable changes during debugging or something the textbox also changed.

Thank you,

Keep the Good Work :D

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  • Nov 18 2020
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