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Clone subfolders in Animation Editor

It would be really helpful to add duplication for entire folders of animations. Duplicate filenames can be renamed just like it works when you clone an Object Type (adding a "1" as a suffix or increasing that suffix by 1)

For example: when creating a folder full of armor animations, duplicating the entire folder would keep the frames, speeds, durations and loops intact - all that would be left to do is replace the sprites and rename the animations.

(Currently that's done animation-by-animation)

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  • Nov 16 2020
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  • Game Developer commented
    16 Nov, 2020 05:02pm

    This would be so helpful! No more using up time on duplicating like crazy is something that could really decrease wasted time. I had the problem of wishing for a "clone folder" during a game I made with several dozen different player images.

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