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A Global event sheet option

like clickteam fusion. your able to add a global event sheet which doesnt require you do add an "Include this event sheet". can we have an global event sheet to save time?

  • ejdhdhed
  • Nov 13 2020
  • Declined
  • Nov 16, 2020

    Admin response

    Event sheet includes already allow you to re-use event sheets across layouts, including in all layouts if you wish. However a global event sheet would not allow you to customise which layouts the event sheet is included in, which is common for things like separating global gameplay events and global menu events. Therefore this suggestion is a less powerful feature than already exists.

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  • ejdhdhed commented
    13 Nov 11:12pm

    "Is doing 2 to 3 clicks to include an event sheet really so bad?"

    • No, but i could be avoid those extra unnecessary clicks. I would have to "include this event sheet" on every event sheet i make.

  • Game Developer commented
    13 Nov 10:42pm

    Is doing 2 to 3 clicks to include an event sheet really so bad?

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