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Pixel destruction Plugin/Behaviour

To be able to do things like this:

It uses a tilemap trick with 1x1 tiles, that with seamless property set off gives a great perfomance, but on C3 there is no option like that so perfomance is 0.

Some JS found for pixel destruction, for topdown games:

For platformer games (Tiles without nothing under him goes down)

This is how looks on a real game:

So, a plugin / behaviour that allows you pixel destruction on sprites, maybe tilebackgrounds too. With option to shift pixels on destruction for platformer games.

  • Davit Masia
  • Nov 12 2020
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  • Davit Masia commented
    17 Nov 07:01pm

    Fixed the perfomance issue doing the tilemap invisible, so no draw calls are made but keeps the collision for physics and shadowcaster. Then add drawing canvas on destructible zones then erase same pixels in tilemap and drawing canvas. From 65% to 12% CPu for the overall game.

  • Game Developer commented
    12 Nov 08:12am

    I really hope this is possible in Construct 3! I've been wanting something like this for who knows how long.

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