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Editor API access for all object instances

I'm writing a plugin to parse a json map file containing position data of sprites. In order for this to work I need to find all object instances on the layout and modify their positions. Currently the editor api only allows me to create new objects but it doesn't give me the access for any of the existing objects in my project.

How should this work?
- Add to IProject interface a method GetObjectType(name) - Look up an IObjectType by a case-insensitive string of its name.
- Add to IObjectType interface a method GetAllWorldInstances() - Returns an read-only array of IWorldnstance that have been created.

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  • Nov 10 2020
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  • Nov 11, 2020

    Admin response

    These methods were already added in the latest beta releases (see SDK updates), including GetObjectTypeByName() and IObjectType.GetAllInstances(). The documentation is updated at the next stable release.

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