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Enhanced copy and paste of events between projects - Prompting creation of missing objects/variables and resolution of name conflicts

Who's it for: All users

Benefits: Improved workflow, allowing for quickly merging elements between projects.

How would it work: Currently when copying events between projects the user is given an error if there are missing elements in the destination project.

With this idea events could be copied between any project and the user would be prompted with a list of the missing elements, and any elements with conflicting names. From this prompt the missing elements could be created and conflicting elements could be renamed, allowing the elements to be copied successful without conflicts.

  • Calminthenight
  • Oct 17 2020
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  • Calminthenight commented
    18 Oct 03:19am

    Yes the shopping list example is exactly what this idea proposes we have access to. You can see the list of items you need and can add them to the basket. The issue isn't just about copying objects/variables though.

    If you have a complex project with all of your objects and variables named correctly etc. and you hit a really stubborn problem. You might (I do) create a new project just to nut out that one issue. Now to save time, your not going to think about all the objects/variables in your large project and name all the elements you use in this temporary project accordingly, you'll probably just call them derp and derp1 etc.

    Once you have solved the issue. Rather than current process of renaming all those new elements to match the corresponding elements in the larger project and then copying, you just copy and paste. Construct then brings up your list and says "Hey, this project is missing 'derp1', do you want to create 'derp1' or replace it with an existing object?"

    So you choose the relevant object and hit replace. Then Construct says "Hey, 'objectX' is missing variable 'varderp', would you like to replace 'varderp' with an existing variable or create 'varderp'?

    In a matter of clicks, your projects are aligned without the need for going through each object and variable and matching names etc.

    If you just want to dump the new objects, variables and events as they are into another project then sure you can just use the current copy/paste system. But if you want the ability to easily integrate these elements into a project that has existing corresponding elements, or for example you want to pull your keyboard rebind template into your current project and you already have the objects in there then this is where the proposed idea will save vast amounts of time.

  • Game Developer commented
    18 Oct 02:56am

    Well, if the main thing you'd like to reduce is the time selecting objects, just select the first object/plugin and Shift-click the last thing. That way everything is selected, and to deselect one or two things just CTRL-click. (Command for MacOS)

    As for the knowledge of what is missing, it's just simply checking for something that matches. Like you have a shopping list with canned soup or whatever on it, and you go to the store and there is no canned soup. You know that there is a lack of canned soup. (Weird comparison and not quite accurate, but it works)

  • Calminthenight commented
    18 Oct 01:25am

    Curently the copy and pasted data already has some knowledge (unsure how or what structure) of the copied elements otherwise it would not be able to recognize that the new project is missing those elements. I imagine structure of the copied from project would be piggybacked onto the copy for comparison with the copied too project.

    Yes the process that you described is the current way that I also do this however, this idea is about streamlining that process, both removing the need for copying the objects/variables and allowing for matching copied objects/variables to existing elements with different names.

  • Game Developer commented
    17 Oct 02:09am

    How would the new project suddenly know all of the data of the missing objects? I'm working on a game collection right now that is a combo of several of my old games, the trick is to select every object in the Projects bar you need to copy over, and paste them into the other project. Then you can copy over Event Sheets and Layouts.