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Add layout description/comment and display it in the layouts list

In a game with many levels there may be hundreds of layouts named like Level1, Level2, Level3 (to be able to use "Go to layout by name" action). It's very difficult to manage them when there is no description of any kind.

It would really help if there was an option to to add layout description. It may look something like this:


  • dop2000
  • Oct 15 2020
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  • Game Developer commented
    18 Oct 01:55am

    Actually, with most form controls (text, etc.), after the 1-second hover the tooltip will remain, but change text for each form control.

  • dop2000 commented
    17 Oct 03:25am

    It can be in small font and below the layout name. And of course, not all layouts will need the description.

    Tooltip is not a good solution, because to find a specific layout you'll have to hover mouse over each layout for a full second..

  • Game Developer commented
    17 Oct 02:07am

    Seems like having the descriptions there would be a pain, because you would have to make your Projects bar be really big. Maybe a tooltip?

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