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Gamepad "stickangle" Expression

I'll try to explain this clearly.

Sometimes, you want to make a game where a Sprite faces in the direction the gamepad's analog stick is pointing. But, there doesn't appear to be an expression for the angle of the gamepad sticks. I think there should be an expression to get the angle of a gamepad stick.

Already, objects such as Sprites have a 360 degree angle, with 0 being to the right. You should be able to get a gamepad stick's angle using the same relative angle.

gamepad.stickangle(0, 0)

gamepad index, analog stick index

Something like that.

Example using above expression: you are tilting the stick clockwise 5 degrees from completely right, 0 degrees according to the angle system of game objects. The expression says that the gamepad's stick (the one you want, of course) is tilted towards 5 degrees. I'm not getting the deadzone-influenced axis comparison, but rather the angle the stick is pointing. I have included terribly drawn pictures.

  • Game Developer
  • Oct 13 2020
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  • Calminthenight commented
    18 Oct 07:44am

    A non-scripting solution would just be doing this calculation in the background. Joysticks and analog gamepad sticks work on XY coordinates natively.

  • Game Developer commented
    18 Oct 03:04am

    Hmm, interesting. Thanks for the info! It would be nice to have a non-scripting option though, because without your solution there's no way to get the angle without a "stickangle" expression. Your solution is definitely a big help though, thanks!

  • Calminthenight commented
    17 Oct 02:31am

    If you weren't aware you can get this by using the expression:

    angle(0,0,Gamepad.Axis(0,0),Gamepad.Axis(0,1)) it will return 0 to 180°and -0 to -180° angles.

    You can convert these to 360° angles using:

    If [angle(0,0,Gamepad.Axis(0,0),Gamepad.Axis(0,1))] < 0 then set value to [360+(angle(0,0,Gamepad.Axis(0,0),Gamepad.Axis(0,1))*1)]

    Else set value to [angle(0,0,Gamepad.Axis(0,0),Gamepad.Axis(0,1))]

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