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Advanced Random Probability Table reference by Name

We can create probability tables with different names right now, but have to set current table in order to use any of the table.

This means that only 1 table is usable at any time and it's an ugly hassle if data from two probability tables is needed at the same time.

In short, this should be possible in 1 expression as shown in this example:

Set Text: AdvancedRandom.Weighted("Table 1") & AdvancedRandom.Weighted("Table 2")

Right now, to do this, we'd have to do these steps:

  1. Set current table to Table 1

  2. Set local variable tempString1 to AdvancedRandom.Weighted

  3. Set current table to Table 2

  4. Set local variable tempString2 to AdvancedRandom.Weighted

  5. Set text : tempString1 & tempString2

This complexity increases when there are more tables, and while debugging it is very difficult to keep track of which Probability table was set at which time

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  • Oct 3 2020
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