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Allow Searching events without exact match

Currently the event search feature feels clunky and incomplete to use.

As an example, it's not obvious how to search for this condition in a sheet:

Crate: On Destroyed

I will attempt to use the following searches to find it:

  • Crate: On Destroyed

  • Crate On Destroyed

Both of the above provide 0 results, despite all those words being used in the condition I'm looking for.

If I use "crate" or "on destroyed" I get way too many search results!

Please allow the search to not require an exact string match, it should allow us to find events that contain all the words.

As an example:

  • Crate on destroyed

  • on destroyed crate

  • destroyed crate

  • crate destroyed

All of the above searches should find the condition I'm looking for.

This would make it far more convenient, and save time!

Thank you 😊

  • alastair jack
  • Sep 16 2020
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